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Nickel-based alloy powder mainly contains Ni-B-Si, Ni-Cr-B-Si, Ni-Cr-B-Si-P, Ni-Cr-B-Si-Cu-Mo,
Ni-Cr-B-Si- W, Ni-Cr, Ni-Cu and other series, it not only has excellent corrosion resistance and
oxidation resistance, but also has excellent resistance to low stress abrasive wear and adhesive
wear below 600 ℃. This type of powder has a wide range of applications, mainly including
oxyacetylene flame spraying, supersonic flame spraying, plasma surfacing, plasma spraying,
laser cladding, induction remelting, centrifugal casting, 3D printing and powder metallurgy.
Mainly used in gate, ball valve spherical surface, valve seat, plunger, screw, barrel, glass mold,
laminar flow roller, drawing drum, drawing drum, sucker rod, fan blade, screw conveyor,
diamond tools and other workpieces . Nickel-based superalloy powder refers to superalloy
powder with nickel as the matrix (generally more than 50%) in the range of 650-1000°C with
high strength, good oxidation resistance and gas corrosion resistance.


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