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Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide (IGZO) is a key transparent semi-conductive material for new
generation TFT technology. It can replace Si layer as channel material in TFT. With excellent
property, it is used to manufacture high-performance LCD and OLED displays, helping achieve
higher resolution, lower power consumption and lower noise.

Symbol : IGZO
Typical Composition : In:Ga:Zn:O=1:1:1:4 (atomic ratio)
Other compositions available
Purity. : 4N+
Form. : Planar; Rotary
Color / Appearance : Bright grey
Typical Density : ≥6.30g/cm³
Typical Dimension : Planar: L300-1100mm for single segment
Rotary: L300-700mm for single segment
Other dimensions available


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